Thursday, June 11, 2009

Simplicity 5914

Almost forgot one! :)

(actually, I almost forgot TWO. I made those wonderful 40's overalls from evadress over 2 months ago.......guess I should post those some point...)

I had been looking everywhere for a skirt to match an Anthropologie sweater my husband got me for Christmas. When I received the sweater I had not been sewing as much as I do now, and I could not for the life of me find ANYTHING that looked good with it. Rather, looked good on ME with it. :)

I used to love shopping when I was 21. My friend Emily and I could spend 8 hours at the mall and find a million things that looked awesome...and eat those soft and salty pretzels....but now?

I know I've already mentioned this along the way, but it is *crazy* how the body shifts it's shape as we get older.....Even when you take pretty good care of yourself.

I am so very thankful that I started sewing again, because I never have to experience the awful "dressing room nightmare" of trying things on and not having them fit....looking super frumpy...too tight, too loose, weird waistband, muffin top, short crotched, wait.....I am a size 16? I was a size 4 at the other place! Tight armholes, fits in the thigh but enormous on the waist, uni-boob, i can't put my hands over my head, what IS this color?? trampy, trashy, Far Side, oh crap I just ripped it, manufactured cookie-cutter excuse for fashion that makes us all feel terrible about our bodies.

So I made a skirt. :)

Out of corduroy....but not the kind with the wale. So it looks more like velveteen or something. There must be a name for it, but I am still learning. :)

When I make this again I will cut a smaller size. I had to take it in all over---the front and back pieces are the same. There is a slight curve to accomodate the rear end, so that curve shows up in the front as well when you put it together. I just sewed thru the curves at the front to make the seams lie flat against my body, if that makes sense. :)

Now I love my sweater even more!
I am going to make a few of them in lots of colors.....A deep burgundy one for autumn.

How can I be dreaming about Autumn?? Summer just GOT here!


Amy Jeanne said...

That outfit is so cute...even the "sweatshop" sweater (what I call RTW clothes!) And I feel EXACTLY the same way you do about mall clothes and I really don't think I can ever buy clothes for myself ever again now that I know how to sew. Everytime I'd buy new clothes I always looked dumpy and, as you said, it would fit in one place and be too tight/too loose in another. It just got to the point where I just stopped shopping and wore clothes forever. Then just before I learned to sew my husband FORCED me to buy some new clothes and I'm all of a sudden a size 8 when I used to be an 11 (and I've gained 10 pounds!) LOL. I was so sick of it. Now, no more sweatshop! I can't even walk past a clothes store now and take it seriously. I only buy undies, socks, and shoes. Everything else is from my own hand!

Miss Amelina said...

I know dude! That's why we are going to have to learn to KNIT someday. :) I am so jealous of those knitters! Those cute 30's sweaters are to *die* for.

Miss Amelina said...

Oh my god.....I just checked my anthro-sweater because I thought "At THAT price, it couldn't have been made in a sweatshop!!" But guess what?? MADE IN CHINA. I am so sad. No more Anthropologie sweaters...sigh...unless they are made in America or Scotland, right? Do they have sweatshops on the Isle of Skye?

Amy Jeanne said...

Yea. I just can't bring myself to spend $984723874 on a mass-produced sweatshop article of clothing that probably only cost $5 to make. All clothes are like that in shops now. I do know that some of the fabrics I buy are "Printed In China", but the construction is from me and I know it's going to be good!