Thursday, June 11, 2009

Magic to Make!

This is me and my brother's loverly girlfriend before we hit the town for my 36th birthday. We had much champagne and pink martinis.

I was visiting that weekend for a family reunion of sorts, and when that was over and done with, we attempted to go "clubbing" Boise, ID.

Firstly, when did I become such a snob? Secondly, when did making music requests to a DJ become a thing of the past? And thirdly, HOW DID I GET SO OLD??

The DJ at the first club was born in 1986 and had no idea who Frankie Goes to Hollywood were. And this kind of burst my bubble. The second DJ acted like requesting a song was a serious faux pas. He had no Depeche Mode. And made me feel bad.

The Dress Made Me Feel Fabulous.

Even after all that pinning.
Even after grading it up a size and then having to grade it back down... after it was sewn together......because I didn't do a muslin first!
Even though I had to turn the first two inches of the midriff band up over the bodice and topstitch under the bustline to make it fit properly.
And even after I hemmed nearly 12 feet of circle skirt by hand.

Butterick 8505.
Magic to Make? You were not.
By my, you were heavenly to wear.


toodles said...

You gals look stunning! Hopefully you got tons of compliments.

How could he call himself a DJ if he had no Depeche Mode. Seriously....

CherryRed said...

No Depeche Mode???? Seriously, how can you call yourself a DJ and not have DM? LOL Can you tell I love them? ;-D

Miss Amelina said...

I KNOW!! They don't know what they're missing......sigh. I get to see DM again this summer and can't WAIT. I love Dave's voice so much it hurts.

xdollydaydreamx said...

Oh dear, things have changed since I last went clubbing then!! There used to be queues to the DJ booth to reques songs & more often tan not they were actually played too!!

You look absolutely wonderful!! Kudos for hemming the circle skirt by hand. I try to avoid large skirts if possible for that very reason!

Darla: Retro Ways said...

I love this dress on you, its simply stunning with that bolero. Wow all by hand thats a lot of trim to hem. ♥

Packrat said...

Love the dress! You were in Boise??? Oh, well, I was visiting in Wyoming. Since when did DJ's not take requests? That is a new one to me.