Thursday, June 11, 2009

Butterick 4790

This has been the month of playing catchup with old fabrics and patterns. Since I have been unemployed (until today, hurrah hurroh hurree) I have not been able to purchase any new fabric to add to the pile.

And you know what that means?

Stuff is getting done! :)

Decisions are being made!

Creativity conquers in a recession!

Always wanting more is bad keeps a person from celebrating what they already have.

Like this fabric, for instance.
I am kicking myself right now, as I meant to take before and after photos to illustrate how I tea-stained it. And I am not sure if I kept a piece of the original.

The flowers were a really stark white, and it looked awful against my skin. So I soaked the fabric (after I cut out the dress) in a big pot of tea until it softened them into an antiqued white.

The dress itself went together, no problem. Which astounded me after I'd read all the reviews of this pattern. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. After careful consideration, I did cut out a full size smaller than what I usually wear.
(if it helps anyone, my measurements are upper bust 36 1/2, full bust 40--or 34dd--30 inch waist, and 39 inch hips...which would mean I was a pattern size 16 with an FBA....but I made a size 14 and no FBA was needed).

Many people complain about the back of this dress being too heavy, and that after wearing it awhile, the front creeps up. I don't have this problem and I think it is because the waist is FITTED. And by fitted, I mean there is almost NO ease at the waist. An inch or less. Which is how it is meant to be worn. It fits like a glove, on purpose, and therefore looks alot like the image on the front of the pattern.
There appears to be some wonkiness with the closures at the front, but when I wear it, it is not crooked. I also discovered my dress dummy has a much longer waist (and smaller rack) than I do. : ) So it does not fit her properly.

This itty bitty photo is the only one I have of me in it----I will have the DH take one later. I really need a cropped and fitted dark olive cardigan to wear with it....I have never been sweet on sleeveless dresses, and this one is no exception. Plus, it makes me look *REALLY* stacked....which I guess I sort of am.....but that is not the first thing I want people to notice. :)


Darla: Retro Ways said...

I love it! You look darling in it. I have seen this dress done so many times and I never really like it but the fabric and colors and buttons you used are smashing and I love everything about your dress!

Miss Amelina said...

That is so very kind of you to say. I've seen a couple really cute ones in the last few weeks, which is what convinced me to finally make one myself. I've had the pattern in my stash since 1998 or something crazy like that. :)

Kate said...

Have you considered putting an old bra on your dress form and stuffing it to achieve a more accurate fit to your shape and size? I would love a dress form, but I have not found any that meet my shape (nor do I have the space in my tiny apartment, the dress form would have to sit at the kitchen table with me and my husband during dinner...yikes!). I have wondered if I could purchase a misfit sized dress form, add a stuffed bra, dress the form in a sheath cut to my skin tight measurements, then stuff the whole thing to create a duplicate of my size...? Your wraparound is too cute and I am so pleased you can wear it out and about. That was my first vintage pattern, and I have yet to wear my creation in public. Enjoy yours.

Miss Amelina said...

That is not a bad seems like that would work. When my hubby got me the dressform we ordered a size too small....I have it wrapped with sheets of batting, but methinks it needs another layer. :) I've gained about 15 pounds since I last set the measurements, so it is probably time to add a little more stuffing. That, or take more walks. :)
have you thought about a duct-tape dummy? Apparently there are tutorials on the web, and I have read about some excellent results. It is a cheap and accurate...I may try it myself. Good luck!

Miss Amelina said...

Here is a link:

Packrat said...

I hadn't seen this pattern before. Love it and you did a lovely job on the sewing!