Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Apron Strings and Other Things

I finished Butterick 6567 yesterday.
The fabric has little doggies all over it.

I originally purchased the fabric to make a shirt--but was afraid it might look a little homely--so an apron seemed the obvious compromise.
Cuz it's okay, and even encouraged, to look homely in an apron.
(Or a "Pinny" as my english hubby calls it....he says lots of cute things, like "Ice Lollies" and "Toothie Pegs")

The waistband on this pattern was a bitch.
I don't know who approved the illustration, but it was confusing as all get out.
I checked out the pattern review website and was relieved to see others had struggled with it as well, and it was not just my own limited mental capacity.

I think it is really cute, but I was pretty aggravated for a good hour or so while trying to figure it out.
There are a few little aprons in this pattern so I think I'll make a couple of the smaller ones for Xmas gifts and the like.
And a few for myself too!

P.S. Saw Depeche Mode again last week, and they were splendiferous.
The Damned are playing in Seattle for go onsale tomorrow.
Life is good.
Except for my hair.
Which still sucks.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Middy Midderton

Welly welly well.

I got my hair cut into a traditonal "Middy" a few days ago, and I am not quite sure how I feel about it.
This is by the book, by the diagram, no holds barred.
If I try to curl it in rag-rollers, as I did when my hair was in a layered bob, I wind up looking like Little Molly Mushroom.

Or a 1970's June Allyson. Sadly, I can find no examples of this on google.

However, I found a younger June Allyson.

I might be able to pull that off, actually.

And then grow it into this:

The 1940's husband-stealing June Allyson.

Anywhoo....I was a bit concerned when I realized just how short my hair was going to be.

I want to grow my bangs out a bit anyway...and the only way for me to comfortable do that is whack off the rest of my hair.

This is definitely a cut that needs to be styled properly to look good....which means it needs more maintenance than I am accustomed to providing. :)

This is what it is *supposed* to look like styled, but i think the drawing makes the haircut look alot longer than it actually is.....and my stylist followed the diagram, even using a tape measure.

If you pull that hair down from the ear, it would extend past the chin....and mine is nowhere near that length. Lies, lies, lies, Ivan of Hollywood. hair is stick straight...and although it is fine, there is ALOT of it. I used to think this was bogus, as everybody says that about their hair, but my stylist confirmed it the other day. Even curling it with an iron takes forever. And it is quite heavy to boot. So the layers are a good thing, I suppose, as it will make curling easier.

BUT, I have yet to master the pin curl....and could never really see myself sleeping in them, so instead I found these neato thingies on ebay today, and I have very high hopes.

They are called Curl Bobs. I think. Or Gayla Hold-Bobs? I am not sure if the bobby-pins are the bobs, or if the curler is the bob, but either way they look pretty kick ass. :) I got three of them in different sizes for FIVE BUCKS.

You place a small section of your hair inside it, slide it down to the ends, curl it, slip the pin inside, pull the curler out and VOILA! You have a pinned curl. I would imagine they would get squished if you tried to sleep in them, so I think this will be a morning time endeavor. We shall see.

I was watching Joan Crawford in "Sadie McKee" yesterday, and noticed her hair is layered kinda like mine (just a tad longer) and all of it is curled *upwards* at the bottom, which is darling.

I achieved the look with a curling iron (sorry, no pics of me, but here is a lovely one of Ms. Jane)

and it turned out SUPER CUTE, but the curls only lasted an hour or so, and then they stuck straight out as if I had stuck my finger in a socket. So a wet-set is definitely in order.

I am going to try these rollers when they arrive next week......and if they do not work, I am cutting off the back so I have a nice stacked bob.

I have also thought about perming it, but I swore, sometime around 1990, to never perm my hair again.
I don't know...we shall see. I prefer 30's hair over 40's anyway....and the bob would be more 30's.....sigh. I will make a decision after next week.

It is irksome. :)

P.S. The temp has dropped FORTY DEGREES since the heat wave last week. So all I can think about is nice, warm, soothing bowls of Phở.