Monday, June 15, 2009

The owls are not what they seam........

Spring apparel fabric at Joann's is 60% off over the next couple weeks, so I headed to the Bellevue branch yesterday to see what I could see.

Sadly, there wasn't much in regular apparel that I liked...however, the quilting section had oodles to choose from---but not onsale.....and I only had one coupon.
All of the red tag apparel fabric in the bargain bin was 50% off sale price, so I purchased 6 yards of this mustard and ivory cotton for a whopping 12 dollars, which will make a nice summer frock and matching bolero.

And I used my 40% off coupon for three yards of wonderous rainbow butterfly batik.

There is a hippie-dippie pixie in my heart. She is with me always and occasionally needs to be fed. Yesterday she was hungry for a batik butterfly wrap-skirt from this 70's pattern.

And I'll wear it whilst crafting from my latest ebay gem:

I swear my mother had this exact magazine.
Crafting must be genetic.

In the 70's, our living room walls were covered with knotted owls, gripping tiny pieces of driftwood harvested from the beaches of Kenai lake. And every Christmas we'd riddle the coffee tables with macrame candles, angels and whozits that she endlessly whipped up at the dining room table.

A red and green jingly-jangly knotted bell thingie hung from the ceiling (it's in the first picture, in the top middle photo on the left), and on Christmas Eve after we'd gone to bed, my dad would shake the bells---and my brothers and I knew Santa was making his way down the chimney. You'd think we would've sneaked up the stairs to peak, but we never did.

We just snuggled down deeper and wished for sleep....which, for me, never came.

Man, I LOVE the seventies. I know some people think it was a tacky time, but it reminds me of my childhood.....the grown-ups howling with laughter at my parent's down-home dinner parties, baked artichokes, kitchens decorated with in wide legged pants with appliqued turtles, strawberries and ladybugs....and the huge purple felted murals at the Episcopal church.

My mom sold her pottery and macrame at art shows...she had a kiln in the basement and would fire everything from plant pots to sculpted owls---and her own beads. I would watch her sitting there, hands wet with clay, poised at her wheel. It made a soothing humming sound.....the clay smelled earthy and moldy.....I can still hear that sticky whisper as she sliced the large blocks with wire.....Shhhhhh....Shhhhhh....Shhhhhh.

It's like I can taste it.

And I probably did, since I was about two or three at the time. :)

Most of these memories were made in the dark, as Alaskan winters are long and the days short. It was *always* dark or getting dark outside. And freezing. We were often greeted by the scent of bread baking as we waddled in from the cold, wearing layers of snowpants, moonboots and wet mittens. I am so glad my mom was at home during those years.

Okay....back from the time capsule. I could get lost in that headspace for days.

SPEAKING of owls....

This is my new most favoritest fabric ever.

I got 2 and a half yards to make a long sleeve shirt for wintertime, to be worn under a burgundy corduroy jumper. Just *look* at their little hats and scarves. Oh my gosh gosh gosh! It makes me so happy I want to clap!

And lastly, some teal/seafoam green cotton with cream-colored leaves for a 1930's dress. There's a wedding reception this weekend and I want to be ready.

I had a serious craving last night for rice krispie treats....which is a loverly vintage snack, BTW. Invented in 1939 by a gal named Mildred Day, god bless her.

These are my modifications, as the butter/marshmallow/rice cereal ratio is important and the recipe on the box is not to my liking.

(I have a sneaking suspicion it is not the original recipe anymore, and they want you to add extra cereal so you use more of it...but that makes a very dry treat).

Krispie Treats

5 TBSP butter (always margarine.....and if using unsalted butter, add a tsp. salt)
one 10. oz bag KRAFT marshmallows
melt in saucepan over low heat
turn off heat and slowly stir in about 4 1/2 to 5 cups rice cereal
Pour into buttered 13X9x2 pan.
Don't stop until the roof of your mouth hurts.
Keep them covered in foil overnight, if they last that long.

I did the math, and a whole pan has about 1900 calories and 55 grams of fat...which in all honesty, split between two people in 24 hours is not the end of the world.

Especially if you make them only once or twice a year.

It's a hoot!

But, that said, I now have a really bad headache

coupled with a general feeling of "otherworldliness" that I could do without.

Alas......'twas worth it.


nancy said...

Hi there - I think my mom still has that wrap-around skirt pattern! Love the seafoam green and cream fabric for the 1930's dress, and that pattern is really pretty. Can't wait to see it made up!

elle s'ennuie said...

The fabric with the owls is super-awesome :)
I found your blog while lurking over on Fedora Lounge and I'm really enjoying reading it!

Darla: Retro Ways said...

That 1930's pattern is amazing and so is the fabric you have picked out I cant wait to see the finished dress! ♥