Friday, June 12, 2009

Overalls from 1940

I once had a boss that told me she hated dogs because they were needy and smelled like foie gras.
And I felt really sorry for her.
Because I think dogs are the best thing ever.
Even better than cookies and rainbows.

My doggie likes to help me sew by laying down on the fabric when I am trying to fold it or straighten it. Sometimes I forgo cutting out patterns on my cutting-table, just so we can have this little ritual on the floor....not that we ever have it on the table. Just saying.

Dogs *love* fabric...especially quilts....and I think they bless it somehow with the fur they leave behind.

I've thought about collecting it and knitting a sweater, as outlined in this book but I just can't. :) Has anyone done this? I love my beast with all my heart, but....I don't know.

He's a real spazz....a border collie mix, which means he is neurotic and crazy. I've heard dogs and their owners share personality traits, so when I see him run into the sliding glass door chasing after flies, I have to wonder.

He usually tries to bite the vet during vaccinations, and it always reminds me of the time three nurses had to hold me down, kicking and screaming, during a booster administration when I was about four. My middle brother shared this apprehension--and wouldn't kick--but there was generally a wrestling match that ended in piercing screams.

Our youngest brother was smarter than both of us, and would run back out into the waiting room to hide under the chairs.....just out of reach. But he was always bribed out with the promise of Happy Meals or trips to Shakey's Pizza.
Fearful, fearful children.
Our poor mother.

So my dog is a nutjob. See his ears go back as I try to smother him with love? He's my little freak. And I love him. Even more than I love my new overalls.

I had a heck of a time with this pattern.

Even though many older patterns have illustrations, I find the directions difficult to interpret.....but frankly, I find most directions confusing. If I could just *see* someone put the darn thing together first, I would remember how to do it forever.

So it takes quite a bit of time to do the first draft. I was ready to set the bodice on fire and dance around it naked. That placket was confusing as hell.

BUT I am finding the more projects I complete, the more pleasant the process becomes....After finishing these, my next project was easy like Sunday morning.

Sometimes when I get really frazzled, I set the instruction sheet aside completely, and sew without it...which is less complicated than trying to make sense of somebody else's words.
It feels like a learning disability, I tell ya. And maybe it is.
I always scored really low on reading comprehension, even as a young child.
My SAT scores were abysmal....just smart in other ways, I guess!

(My ACTs were *much* better, by the way...better enough to get me into an advanced english course in college....go figure)

I would like to make another pair, but with shorts.....Look how cute these are:

This is the cover of a romance magazine from 1940. You should read some of the stories....Oh my heck.
(I don't really say "oh my heck" just to be clear.)

Of course I love this stuff for the ads and photos....and there is a whole section called "Pies On Parade" with the most delectable sounding culinary yum-yums. Here's the should enlarge when you click on it.

I have another outline due on Tuesday for my fairy-tale writing class, so I will probably work on that and make the Summertime Cheesecake Pie today.

Happy Sewing!


Darla: Retro Ways said...

Your dog is adorable, I know what you mean about people who dont like dogs. I personaly am an animal person period. I love all animals the same. I have 3 dogs and wouldnt trade them for the world and I get so hurt if anyone ever says anything bad about them.

Your overalls are so cute I love them!

Amy Jeanne said...

Seriously, we are twins. I LOVE doggies more than anything on the planet! And it is true -- my baby girl Lola like to lay on my fabric when I'm cutting it, even if it's just one paw. It HAS to be there!

I made these overalls and they look exactly like yours. Have you ever made EvaDress patterns before this? I've made a few from EvaDress and I have to tell ya that I find her instructions a bit confusing!! She's way too wordy and over-explainitory sometimes. I mean -- I love her patterns and will continue to buy them if need be, but these patterns are usually the ones I end up throwing fits over!! ;)

Hollywood patterns (my fave!) I find are the easiest. Literally, a lot of Hollywoods are like:

Stitch A to C and D
Stich B to C and D leaving opening at notch on C

So, so simple!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Your overalls are as cute as your pup! I have 2 rough collies and feel they are the best thing in the world, too.

Miss Amelina said...

Thanks gals!
AJ....good to know. I have a few of her patterns, and this was the first one. Maybe Oskar and I will work on a Hollywood one a few in the 'ole stash...maybe I will lay them out on the floor and make the first one he sniffs.

Missy said...

You, my dear, are adorable! I love the overalls. The 40's are my favorite clothing decade. I tend to make myself house dresses.

elise said...

the overalls are super cute!

lasandrou said...

I love your overalls !

Kate said...

Holy moly, the overalls are adorable. I don't do 40's fashion very well (I look best in 30's and do my best to look good in the 50's New Look stuff), but seeing you in those super cute overalls gives me a new found hankering for the WWII era styles. You are so stunning in them, and will be the envy of every girl on the street this summer. Make them up in shorts for sure, and line them with something pretty.

p.s. Have you seen the Sweetheart Overalls at Decades of Style. They are my favorite patters, always with clear instructions and good graphics of techniques.

Packrat said...

I've been gone, so trying to catch up my blog reading.

I love these overalls. I, too, have a hard time reading pattern directions. I look at it and then just try to put it together.

You dog would fit right in with our border collies. I have one pure(?) border collie and two mixed. My brother has one pure (?) and 3 mixed, my mom has one mixed. They are all completely lovable, protective, and crazy (in a good way).

As to the dog hair - I really couldn't use it for anything, but I literally sweep up a whole grocery sack a day. Seems like it ought to be good for something.

Anonymous said...

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