Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Read the directions?

I never really do. I don't know why. Sometimes I am certain that I *have* only to find, usually to my great dismay, that I skipped an important step---without even realizing it.

In 6th grade, the last day before Christmas break, the teacher handed out a test and announced, "Now everyone, be sure to read all the directions before you begin....."

As I was madly filling in the answers, kids started handing in their papers almost as quickly as they had received them....and it was not until I heard someone whisper, "Amy....read the directions!" that I realized at the very top it stated "Write your name at the top of this page, and the test is complete! Merry Christmas!!"

Oh, Kenna Sue Carter, you were a sly little devil!

And I am a nincompoop. Who never reads the directions......or thinks she does. My reading comprehension has never been very good. I scored pretty low on the Iowa tests.

So after adding three inches to the waistband and gores of this skirt (which worked, God be praised) I thought I would be flashy and try my had at a lapped zipper. And after painstakingly installing said zipper, I discovered it totally threw off the waistband/drape/ease/everything on the skirt.
Such Sadness.
Then I realized the pattern calls for snap closures. There is even an illustration. The pattern is from 1944.....perhaps they were rationing "slide fasteners" at this time? I suppose they would have been. And I am willing to bet that using snaps will make the side seam a lot smoother than it is, as I can futz more easily with the ease and such---a zipper anchors it all in.

The skirt should hang more like the image right above....and the instructions are there too.
See the pretty picture? Snaps.
I am turning over a new leaf.

UPDATE 9/13: It has *nothing* to do with the snaps vs. zipper. It has to do with the fact that I stink at installing zippers. C'est La Vie

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