Monday, September 1, 2008

Building my 40's wardrobe..... I got these little ditties off ebay last month:

And I was so darned excited to find them in my size, you know?
No need to grade the patterns or make adjustments, etc. etc?
Oh, that is just rich.
I pinned the pattern pieces to Rosalind this afternoon, and low and behold, the waistband was THREE inches too small. (?)
Wuh WUH?
I am actually working on this as I speak (or type) but I needed a breakie poo and some chips and cheese sauce to soothe my math frazzled brain.
I have never graded a pattern before, and it made my head hurt.
The first time always hurts the most.
I know the more I do it, the easier it will be, and I will know what adjustments to make without even thinking about it......
But that will take a bit of hair pulling and cheese sauce consumption first.
(That's the Tostitos Con Queso, btw. So bad and I just don't care....If I already have to increase the waistband by three inches anyway.....)
Thank god for The Vogue Sewing Book of Fitting and Adjustments--all the info i needed was in those precious pages.
I am hoping to finish my muslin mock-up of the skirt tonight, and then do a run-thru of the blouse tomorrow. Now, the blouse *says* it is my bust size with 2 extra inches in the waist, but I am not holding my breath.
Although that might help with the fit.
(As a side note, the photo of the blouse pattern is a size 12, bust 32....but the one i have is in a much larger size)


lorrwill said...

These patterns are fabulous!

Also having a bit of a 40's addiction, I have some patterns but I just can't get myself to cut them and have been too overwhelmed to trace them.

Miss Amelina said...

Don't be afraid! :) Yes...I had to draft and grade a bigger waistband, which was excellent practice. I think from now on I need to trace all the pattern pieces. I bought a roll of thick paper from a school supply store to do just that! Good luck!