Friday, September 12, 2008

Man oh Mighty.......

Here she is--2 on me and one on Rosalind.
The fabric is actually a more vibrant green than these photos suggest---it kind of reminds me of a Christmas tablecloth. :) It is a wool blend crepe...and it itches a little....but my new slips arrived in the mail today, so it shant be an issue.
I could not get a good photo of the skirt, but it's not hemmed anyway.
This was much harder than I had anticipated. It was humbling. That side zipper was the bane of my existence last night. Next time I will sew it by hand.
I was a good little chickling and basted the sleeves on by hand this morning to check for fit. I usually just live dangerously and go for it. But I have realized that mentality is meant for other things.
(BTW, this is an old size 20: 38-32-41.
I had to take in the waist and hips a couple inches but did not have to do a DD full bust adjustment, if this info helps anyone out there attempting to make this.)


Rachel said...

This is sooooo beautiful! I know it was a pain, but well worth the effort because it looks AWESOME on you.

Now off to search for this pattern....

SallySews said...

I linked over from Sew Retro. This looks absolutely lovely. Sewing a pattern this old is a feat - of love and perserverance!

Don't worry about any imperfections, it looks great.

Yes you probably need a simple project after this - a simple skirt!

Congratulations on your wonderful project.

Anonymous said...

this looks beautifully made, you obviously sew very well, but it's a little matronly? kinda looks like a uniform