Monday, September 22, 2008

I think my head is gonna explode....

I am doing too much before this trip----I feel manic and it is time to chill.

I have been looking at this fabric for a few months now, anticipating that I would make something with it to wear on my european vacation....something 50's to prance in around Rome.

And I woke up this morning and thought..."Shoot. We are leaving day after tomorrow, and even though the house needs to be cleaned, I must use that fabric."

So I whipped up a circle skirt.....and it only took an hour or so. It would have taken less had I not messed up the zipper when I was installing it....stupid, stupid. A beautifully lapped zipper and then *snip* gosh darn it, I cut the top of the zipper clean off.....I mean the do-hick that opens and closes the zipper. I stared at it for about 15 seconds and then started laughing, cuz what else can you do? crinoline arrived in the mail today as well. Not too sure how I feel about it---it is kinda lopsided-like and funky. I still need to hem the skirt (thank god for the sewing machine blind hem foot) but I can do that on the morrow.

I am tired. My back hurts. I should have lied and said that I was leaving on my trip a day or two before I was so I wouldn't have to work up to the very last minute. We had a fancy dinner on Friday and attended a wedding on is Monday and I think I am still hungover. Tired for sure. I have two skirts to hem tomorrow, and some housework.

I need sleep.

No more projects.


Andrea said...

Love it - great colours. Love it. Did I say that already? Don't know. Love it.


Mary said...

That lovely skirt was well worth the time! You'll be so happy, prancing around Rome.

S.E.W. said...

I found your blog off of Sew Retro and am in love with what you make. Are you my long-lost twin? You are my new favorite blog. Keep sewing keep sewing! You are sew inspiring.

Happy trip. Looking forward to your posts when you come back.


eco2pia said...

Ok, I'm about 3 posts behind, but I love these clothes and I love that you live semi-near me, are about my age and about my size. I make 40's and 50's dresses mostly.

Re: crazy girdles: are spanx really doing anything? I tried a rago boned cincher and yeah, it took off an inch and hid the line from the waist of my panty hose, but it wore out fast and I don't think it was so good for my back(it really limited my range of motion). But those body suit things don't seem to do anything!

e-mail me if you want,

Darrin said...

I love your style, and greatly admire your skills!! I'm a big 50's and 60's style fanatic, and sometimes wish I could tailor my own camp shirts. Right now I'm at the mercy of what I can find that roughly resembles "retro". I guess the only other option is to purchase vintage.

lsaspacey said...

Is your crinoline a petticoat style made of net? If so, and it's like mine, you can soak it in the bathtub and it will fluff up again.

Lady Montgomery said...

I love your skirt. I'm making a crinoline to wear with a dress from a 50's pattern I'm sewing. I also want to make a circle skirt, I was wondering what the length of yours is.... do tell!!