Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I love this dress!

I've realized by gathering 30's and 40's style patterns, there may never be a need to shop at Anthropologie again. :) Well.....some knitting knowledge would seal the deal, but that will come in time. I am planning on taking a beginning knitting class when we get back from our trip this fall and have already purchased some vintage sweater magazines off ebay. I suppose it would help to know how to cobble too....hmmm....too many things to learn in this short life!

I finally finished the mock up...
Well...everything but the sleeves. Close enough.
It is a pattern from 1939 and I love love love it. Kind of a pain in the bottom, but worth it.
I did not take pictures of the skirt because it's tennis length to save muslin. Just long enough to fit the hips, and that's what matters most.
It needs about 2 inches shaved off the waist (which makes me feel better after *adding* 3 to the last project) so it will be more in keeping with the times...right now that extra ease (which is hidden in this photo with pinning) gives it a poopy 80's feel. :)
After it's tailored, a foundation garment will be mandatory---but I have pretty much decided the female form looks better in one of those anyway. I just like the sleek and polished look. There is no reason why the muffin top or pooch should be displayed in this day and age.
Today will be spent cutting out the fashion fabric--a nice greenish wool blend. I am hoping to finish this dress and the black gored skirt by Friday.
Maybe I'll wear it to the Vatican.

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