Sunday, January 4, 2009


So i *finally* made this skirt yesterday.

With a happy lapped zipper.

In a fabric that i LoVe.

love love luff.

It was a fun challenge "matching" the paisleys....I knew they wouldn't be perfect, as the skirt is somewhat fitted at the top and has six gores. I decided to match them at the hipline and I am so very pleased, as all the swirls and curls took on an unintentional design of their own.

Flat felled seams, pinwale corduroy, 1940's pattern.

Time to make some shirts!


50sgal said...

Beautiful job. I am still getting the handle of sewing. I just started a dress with one of my vintage patterns. I have to say, I think I may become addicted to it!(sewing I mean, not the dress!)

Miss Amelina said...

Thanks...although, I learned another lesson: Let a bias skirt hang for a day or so before hemming. I hemmed it immediately, and now it's a little wonkified---but still wearable. Have fun sewing! It is an *enormous* addiction.

marla said...

Fantastic skirt and gorgeous fabric... ...wearable and beautiful...what more could you want?