Friday, January 2, 2009

The future's so bright.....

Um, yeah. Won't be doing that again. :)

Shoulda known better than to plan a month's worth of sewing projects ahead of time. Especially around the holidays.

It's not in my nature to get the 'ole ducks in a row anyway......In fact, openly stating I'm going to work on specific projects likely increases my disinterest in them. :) Don't ask why. There are just so many wonderful dresses to make.....and so little time. And I like to change my mind. Alot.

I did complete two in four weeks....which is purty darned good. If I make two dresses every four weeks in 2009, that will be TWENTY FOUR new dresses for my wardrobe this year! And that's pretty rad! So let's look at it like that, shall we? :)


I was going to make the Claire McCardell dress for the holidays, but I just could not find the right fabric. I searched high and low. And until I find exactly what I am looking for, the pattern sits on the back burner. So instead, I opted for this:

It's Butterick 5243. I made it for my hubby's Xmas party. The day of. Because that is how I roll. Even though I had two weeks to do it, I felt it would be best to spastically throw it together in a few short and stressful hours (I was hemming the sleeves 15 minutes before we had to leave). By the time we got to the party, I was ready for that first glass of champagne, by golly.

I cut a size 16, which are my exact measurements, but the finished product was a good size or two too big. WAY too much ease. My fault for not investigating that first. All the gathers sucked, and the knit jersey I chose was a bit too heavy. I wore it anyway and felt a bit of a frump. Onto the second glass of champagne....

The next day, a good washing on the hottest cycle and a "denim" setting in the dryer did the trick. Now it fits like a dream. I will probably not make it again with the long sleeves....but a short-sleeved version in a lighter knit could be very cute next a size 12.

This next one is made from a darling mail order pattern circa 1940. I would run upstairs to see what company produced it, but my legs still hurt from waiting tables on New Years, so I am gonna stay here snuggled up with my puppy dog under one of Momma's quilts.

I am in love with this dress. It's made from a Xmas novelty cotton from Joann Fabric (like 3 bucks a yard or something) but is still fairly soft with decent drape. I love the gold swirlies. And the heart-shaped buttons. The pattern called for ric-rac under the topstitching, but I thought the fabric ornate enough. Here is a picture of the original pattern:

I made a muslin first and the ONLY thing I did not finish was the very bottom of the sleeves....which turned out to be a bit snug. So it's not a dress to go dancing in. But it is fine for sitting still and looking pretty.

Next time I will fit the sleeves properly so I can shake my money maker.

Or heck,

I might just make another dress!


lsaspacey said...

Great job! I love both dresses and especially love the fabric that you used for the first one. The drape on that looks excellent. Could you please let me know what you used? Funny thing is I probably wouldn't have looked twice at either pattern but now I really think I might give that Maggy London Butterick one a try if I can find a similar fabric. It truly has a great period look and I could see either Barbara Stanwyck or Claudette Colbert in that dress.

Miss Amelina said...

Thank you! I originally picked the pattern because I thought it had a vintagey feel to it. It is a moderate stretch knit from Joann's that I got on sale. Glad you like it! Have fun with all the gathering. :)

humblelabor said...

Hello Miss A.,
I just came across your blog and am already looking forward to your next project. I love this mail order pattern. Your version of it turned out beautifully. I think the mail order pattern designs of the 40's are some of the sweetest around. Thanks for sharing your sewing adventures!

Leslie said...

Your creations are incredible! You do a great job. I'm jealous. I just posted my intro on Sew Retro... I'm hoping to get into this clothes-making thing soon, and the patterns you pick are just my steeze!