Friday, November 21, 2008

The Hostess with the Mostess

Dressember is almost upon us, and I felt it would be helpful if I started setting some goals for myself.....if I type it out, perhaps the likelihood of me following thru will increase. :)

The first item on my to-do list is a holiday dress for my husband's corporate holiday party, which falls on the 6th of December. I think I have settled on The Claire McCardell Dress. (It has recently been released in multi-size format on EvaDress, along with some other wonderful patterns)

The dress is simple, sophisticated and should not take long to make--which is key, since Momma is tired. I plan on using dark green jersey of some description, as I read it was McCardell's favorite fabric to work with. I am hoping since it has a bit of give, this dress will be *very* easy to alter and assemble. Check.

The second item is a hostess ensemble for Xmas dinner at our house. It will be a very small affair with only a handful of guests...and I am thinking a somewhat 70's theme is in order. You know, fondue, bowls of black olives, baked artichokes, no no.

I was a little kid in the 70's, so this style holds a special place in my heart. I think the pattern itself is from 1969--but that's close enough. I was raised in Anchorage, AK where fashion was behind the times by a few years anyway. I fondly remember my mom and her friends in these butterfly collared shirts with wide-legged pants or skirts (usually in extreme plaids) and all the men wearing super wide ties (also plaid).

I particularly like this pattern too, because the blonde gal in the middle reminds me of my friend Elise...who would also happily don that outfit to be a hostess with the mostess.

The third endeavor will be a blouse I can wear with a pair of black trousers on New Years Eve. I will be working, so a wide range movement is required. I told my hubby I wanted this butterfly blouse pattern for Xmas and if I do get it (hint hint, Honey!) I will be able to whip it up just in time.

If, however, I do not receive said blouse pattern, I will make this dress:

And I might just make it is too cute. And I think it would make the perfect "little black dress" or cocktail number for any occasion. Aside from housecleaning.

OK. So that's the plan, Stan.

And I am heading to Joann's to use my coupon on the McCardell fabric, if I can find something suitable.

P.S. In "Dressember" we're supposed to wear a dress every day of December...and supposedly skirts don't count. But as I wear jeans and workpants day in and day out, homemade skirts DO count in my book. :) Rules are made to be broken anyway.


Anonymous said...

it's e.
i totally have those pants. remember i got them at the goodwill?
that first dress is super cute! i can't wait to see it. you should lend me that pattern after you make it.
thanks for the musings. they make me happy.

Miss Amelina said...

I *totally* remember those rad memory of you in those pants is most likely the reason for the pattern purchase. :) Of course you can borrow the pattern!

Anonymous said...

Please post pics of the Claire McCardell dress when finished! I am thinking about buying the pattern too, but would LOVE to see it made first. :)