Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sewing With a Plan

I am doing this.

Sewing With a Plan.

Nothing matches, nothing fits, and I feel like a frumpasaurus.

I have never really learned how to put things to combine different fabrics like a quilter. Chanel said fashion is proportion. And mine is changing faster than I can cram the Funions in my mouth. (I don't really eat Funions, but you get the gist).

So I am starting my wardrobe storyboard this week.
I will draw from my pattern collection and 30's / 40's fashion catalogs.

It looks like lots of people do this kind of thing, and the organization makes alot of sense....nothing in my life is organized and it is beginning to show in my closet.

It took me forever to pick something to wear out last night...and I felt like a linebacker in my off-white bolero.

sew on.


hatjunkie said...

Hysterical. I have never heard the word frumpassaurus, but I took to it like a fish in water. Good Luck with your sewing. Can't wait to follow your wardrobe storyboard.

nancy said...

Oh, Mamie, I'm right there with you on the Frumpasaurus thing. And my shape has changed radically. My hubby took some pics of me today in a dress I just finished, and I didn't recognize myself. At least the dress fits, but I had no idea I had gained so much weight. I have a lot of disparate items in my wardrobe, and 1/2 of them don't fit.

Sewing With a Plan sounds like a great solution!

Time to clean out the closet, take stock, run on the elliptical trainer that doubles as a coat rack in my living room, and start planning my early spring sewing projects! You've inspired me!

Maricou said...

That's a great idea that I have been considering from the begining of the year.I suppose it has to do with some kind of new year's resolution.
I'll be following you

Miss Amelina said...

haha! My stationary bike doubles as a coat rack too!! And I have an entire collection of exercise DVD's in the garage! Losing 25 pounds would be great. :) But I have also decided there is no reason to "punish" myself by not sewing larger-sized items of clothing for the time reasoning is that it would be a "waste of time" to make them if I ever lose the weight in the future. ???? Flawed logic. Clothes can be altered....and new ones can always be made. Which is fun! Sigh. Lots of things out of whack these days. And I'm sure part of it is because it is wintery and dark. I need some lessons in self-love, just as I am. I need to be my own Mark Darcy.

nancy said...

*Snort* - I was quoting Mark Darcy to myself, just the other day!

And I agree, clothes can be altered, and there's no reason not to sew things that fit you *right now* no matter what your future weight loss plans might be. I look at it as an opportunity to learn more about alterations!

You SEW, girl!

Packrat said...

Sounds like fun. Looking forward to seeing what you have done. You will post, won't you?

Miss Amelina said...

Yes....I will post. I will probably take my sweet time (haha!) but I hope to post. :) I figure I will do it in small stages so I can have fun spring apparel that will also work for summertime. I found some current patterns to add to the mix as well, so it will be a nice elcectic hodge-podge instead of strictly vintage. Yippie!!

nancy said...

Oh. My. God. Darlin', I just wrote a post of my own very similar to this one, forgetting of course in my menopausal fog that you had written this...Well, sister, I am going to "Sew for Victory" but it's a similar thang...