Friday, January 29, 2010

Work: Bad

You see what happens when I get a job?


I have *GOT* to find a happy medium

Today is my day off.....
so before I meet a dear friend for half-priced apps this evening,
I am going to cut out my Amy Sedaris dress.

See? It kinda looks like her in the middle there.
I'll wear it with tights and make a cheeseball!

I've been waiting to find the perfect fabric, and the MOMENT I spotted this delicious vintage polyester at Valu-Village, I just knew.

It would be rad if I could finish it by this evening, but it's not required.
I've decided home projects don't need deadlines.

Otherwise it feels like a job....and you know where THAT gets me.

P.S. Just did a tissue fitting and the girls are too big! Looks like I will be making a mock-up of the shirt first before tackling the dress. Grrrrrrr. But that's cool. I'll stick that big butterfly collar on it and rock it with jeans! I guess there is a silver lining.

*I have not sewn anything for myself in months. Or written a fairy tale. Or gone to


lsaspacey said...

Welcome back!

P. said...

Ooh, I actually bought this pattern last year at a Goodwill store but haven't sewn it yet. I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. Nice fabric!