Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SWAP part one.....or, "Out of the Rut"

This the the tough part.

I went thru my closet this week and got rid of everything that did not fit, was out of style (that's out of *my* style), washed me out colorwise, and was too bloody uncomfortable to wear sensibly.

Which means I now have no clothing.

Like, nothing.

For real.

I have about ten items that don't match.

So.....I have been living in poorly-fitting jeans and an old flannel the last few days, thinking "Poo! Poo! Poo!!"

Clothes are a good thing to have. Especially clothes that make you feel good....and make you feel as though your outward appearance is a truthful expression of your inward selfy-self.
According to this philosophy, my inner self is a washed-up, sloppy grunge chick.

This lit a tremendous fire under my ass.

After I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I marched into the sewing room and began a mock up of a simple 1950's blouse.

I have the fabric on hand for a nice olive twill raised-waist pencil skirt to match said blouse, and to match two other shirts I plan to make this week.

I also have the fabric to make another skirt that will match those two blouses.....and pants that will match them.....etc etc etc.

So begins the journey.

Photos to follow soon.


Packrat said...

Send some fire this way, would you? Glad to hear you are alive. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your finished products.

Maricou said...

I can't wait to see the pictures

nancy said...

You GO, girl! You are my inspiration. I've attacked my closet, but I haven't been as brave as you. I just posted a "before" picture of my sewing room though...and it's scary!