Saturday, November 1, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture.....

I'll give you a closer look.....

Can you guess?
Let's just say, I learned about napped fabric.
And I honestly thought I was cutting out the corduroy correctly.
Remember that whole thing about not following directions?
I guess I have trouble following them even when I think I AM.
But that's okay.
There is no such thing as mistakes. We learn from every "so called" error.
And now I will remember always, when I cutting out corduroy, it is NOT okay to just fold the fabric in half widthwise and go for broke.
You must cut on the fold and flip one piece of the fabric around
so the nap matches on both pieces.
And it's all good.
Because I was flashy made sure the pockets were oppositely napped.
Now it is a bit more "homey" and casual instead of classy.
Which is also all good.
Because in the process,
I found my new favorite skirt pattern.
I am making one in every color, including denim.
This Simplicity 4850...I'll add it to the vintage pattern wiki later.


S.E.W. said...

Homey or not, very very wearable. Love the pockets...and the corduroy...yummy for fall.

What length do you like to hem your skirts? It's always a toss up for me when using a vintage pattern. Above or below the calf? Hmmm.
Trying hard to not be frumpy dumpy.


Miss Amelina said...
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Miss Amelina said...

Personally, I like my skirts on the longer side, below the calf-- tea length, which is about 2 inches above the ankle. But it depends on the fabric and the cut of the skirt, of course. I think I like 30's/40's styles longer and 50's style above the calf...But, the more form fitting, the shorter too. But I am still I guess I am not sure! :) I will have to get back to you on that.....:)

Anonymous said...

i think the skirt looks great, like you meant for it to be that way. I also love those big leaves. Tonka and I went running today and we ran on a lovely leaf carpet most of the way.