Thursday, October 7, 2010

My last post was in June?

How is that possible? :)
Well....time has been spent collecting patterns (at a *much* slower rate and this one is the new fave):

and sewing:

(Almost done---after major alterations, it still needs to be pressed, buttoned, and hemmed--with about five inches whacked off the bottom first!)

and whipping up simple skirts seen on other people's blogs...... :)

and baking bread! Mmmmmmmm....this is the year to really dive in and get the science down.

Fall is in the air.....and life is good good good. :)


Packrat said...

Glad to hear from you. Love the blouse pattern. Are you going to make it? The other items look great.

Miss Amelina said...

Thanks, doll! And yes---the plan is to make a long sleeve and short sleeve version of the blouse. When, is anybody's guess. :)