Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh, this life.....

Well's been a few months (almost ten??) since my last post. This year has been CRAZY. My marriage ended, I moved back to Idaho and i have been busy doing theatre thangs....and sewing, of course. :)

Here's some of the love:

Vogue 1152

Butterick 5603

A vintage butterick...I will have to look it up. ;)

Vogue 8728

I will make a more thorough post soon. :)


petalrose said...

Sorry to hear you've had your heart broken, your sewing obviously hasn't suffered. I love the dresses you have been making and wish you the best luck with your new life, will bwe reading. Regards, Petal.

Anna said...

welcome back!

I love your Vogue 8728, I pulled out my copy and some fabric just yesterday to give it a go!

The VIntage Mexican Seamstress said...

love your dresses,,, in the vogue 8728 did you used cotton?

thanks for sharing!

Miss Amelina said...

Thank you. :) Yes...I used quilter's cotton and do for most of my dresses. So many pretty color combinations to choose from, and less expensive. :)

Packrat said...

Oh so sorry to hear you have had a rough year. Hope you are (relatively) happy, tho.

Your dresses turned out really, really nice. Love the styles, colors.

Welcome home to Idaho.

Destiny Hunt said...

Hi there, I love your Vogue 1152! I have that pattern too, I've just been a little intimidated to try it. Yours turned out beautifully.
I found you through the Fedora Lounge - I just posted a comment to your post from a few years back. Not sure if you're still frequenting that place, so I'll repeat my reply here and hope that's not considered bad etiquette....It has to do with a vintage pattern obsession; I'm sure you'll understand. :-)

Here's what I posted there:
Oh my, you have that 9314 wartime day dress pattern! It's my very favorite out of all the 40s dresses I've ever seen. It's a Marian Martin, right? I found it on a google image search a while back and I've been obsessing about how I could duplicate the style by matching up pieces from different patterns. Could you do me a huge favor and post or email me a pic of the pattern pieces so I could maybe try and replicate it? That is, if I can't talk you out of it.....for a price, of course. :-) I see you're in Boise - I'm in Caldwell. Thanks, Destiny Hunt