Sunday, February 14, 2010

Swappish Part Two.....or, "Git a Move On"

I have decided since I seriously have no clothes, that the vintagey thang is going out the window entirely for the first installment of my new wardrobe. I just can't be bothered to trace a bunch of brittle patterns, make and alter muslins, and *then* sew them up in apparel fabric when I am living in ill-fitting jeans and baggy flannels (and working close to full-time).


So the bulk of this first round is comprised of *very* easy-peasy patterns (that have a good review base from the pattern review website...and were purchased at the Joann's President's Day Sale) made with knit fabric that will continue to fit if my weight goes up or down by 10 pounds.
They are also designs that supposedly enhance my so-called "body type" as outlined by Kendall Farr in her book, The Pocket Stylist....more on this later.

Since I am horrible at sticking to the rules...this will not follow an official "SWAP" to the letter. I am just gonna make a bunch of garments that match.

I went thru my stash and found a couple of blouse knits and a few bottomweight/flirty-skirty fabrics to work with. Then I ordered yardage of various inexpensive knits from to make tops to match said bottomweights and flirty-skirties.

I'll post pics and swatches of the fabrics on Tuesday.

Until then, here are the patterns:
(not *all* of the renderings--just one or 2 from the images for info):

After these are done (couple pairs of pants, 6 tops, 4 or 5 skirts) I'll think about whipping up a vintage dress. :)


Packrat said...

Very good idea. Vintage dresses do take quite a bit longer to make, too, besides all the fussing before hand.

Love these patterns. Can't wait to see what fabric you purchased.

Do you like dealing with I ask because I live 130 miles from the nearest JoAnn's. (There are quilting shops closer, but they don't sell any apparel fabric.)

nancy said...

I also split my sewing between vintage dresses and basic wardrobe pieces. I really like flowy, full-legged pants with elastic waists, and easy pull-on skirts. You don't have to spend tons of time at the sewing machine to make something flattering, thank goodness!

Miss Amelina said...

Exactly....andI am really drawn to them right now.
Although this will be the first time--with the exception of sweats--that I've worn an elastic waistband since the 80's. :) Thru my 20's and early 30's I wore hip-huggers and fitted tops, but those days are sooooo long gone. I am not showing my midriff to anyone but the hubster, so comfort waistbands are where it's at. Part of me is cringing inside for saying that....but it is time to crossover. :) haha!!
My tops will skim the hip anyways.
(Of course, all of this goes out the window when sewing vintage, which I like fitted with stable fabrics at the waistline.)
I am really excited to start this tomorrow.

Miss Amelina said...

Oh! And Packrat....i will definitely let you know how the fabrics are from as soon as I git 'em! :)

paisleyapron said...

Good choice on the New Look 6735. I have practically worn out my pattern, it makes such amazing staples and is easy peasy to adjust for fit/neckline shape.

Nice to see you are doing what is important! Vintage will wait.

P.S. Does your Joann's have nice knits? I got a couple really nice cotton knits the other week...

Miss Amelina said...

paisleyapron: it's kind of hit or miss at the local Joann's. Occasionally I will hit the jackpot and other times it's pretty "meh."

That's partly why I tried this time around.....I just could not find the colors I wanted at Joann's. Lots of pastels (which look super bad on my autumn/warm skin/auburn hair) and not enough earthen shades.

Most of my stash is from Joann's and I made a run to Mill End in Portland for the first time last month and found a few saucy fibers! :)

I am almost done with the first kimono-sleeve t-shirt and hope to at least finish that and get a skirt cut out this afternoon.

Barbara C's Blog said...

Love your pattern choices, especially the tirst top with the wrap arround belt! Can't wait to see what you come up with.