Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Okey Dokey.

These are the bits from my stash.....the prints will be skirts (and maybe a matching blouse here and there to create a dress effect) and the solids are knit tops.

For the most part, I am working with rusts, various shades of olive green, brick red, mustard and purple.

I am not a huge pink fan, but I realized that some of the pinks on my fabric shelf would make fun bottoms to match the tops.

I also received a bright green blouse for Xmas from my hubby and need to make something to match it....so the pink and green burn-your-retinas-Kaffe Fassett below will serve that purpose.

A fine circle skirt it shall make.

I have other ideas for the rust woolen and green twill....probably more tailored pants or pencil skirts.

But the quick-sew patterns come first, so I can change out of my sweats.

And waiting on these coordinating knits from Fabric.com:

Not EVERYTHING will match, but enough of it will coordinate that I will never have to say,
"I have nothing to wear!"
Ever Again.


nancy said...

Love the palette, love the wild prints! I love me some Kaffe Fasset, too.

Can't wait to see these pieces come to fruition! You go, girl!

Packrat said...

I love the prints (and the others, too!). Looks like so much "work" and fun!!!

Anonymous said...

First time posting a comment here.

Congrats on the job. It's hard to find the balance of work and play time, but you'll do it. Not that sewing is play, but you get the idea.

Love the colours you will be working with and am patiently waiting to see what you create.

I want to thank-you. Your sewing with a plan post gave me the needed boost to get more organized with my sewing. No more one trick ponies. At least not for awhile...

Take care

Kristen said...

I just found your blog, and I will be watching eagerly to see what you make! I get all excited about organization, but can never seem to make it stick - especially with sewing, as it tends to rank lower than working or cooking on the list of priorities. :(

Anonymous said...

hey lady,
so glad to see you have a plan and have started down the road.
can't wait to see the progress.
hope you find the pattern and thank goodness you are blogging again. i have missed it.