Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yeah, Autumn!!!

Well, I don't know what you folks are like, but I prefer planning for Halloween ahead of the game.

This year I have decided that my husband and I are going to wear turn of the century swimming costumes. He is not completely sold on the idea, but I know he will come around as the holiday approacheth. He is so busy by the end of October, he usually winds up wearing what I want him to wear with very little complaints.

Whoa. This blog is being interrupted by the last serving of Baskin Robbin's Quarterback Crunch ice cream that I just remembered is in the freezer.......It's the only good thing about football season.

The pacific northwest is fairly chilly by Halloween, so a black flannel dress with matching cap and striped wool stockings sounds quite pleasant.

Folkwear has a decent pattern.

It seems to make up quite nicely.

I am not sure what colors I will choose...the traditional ones were black or navy. Black would certainly be in keeping with All Hallow's Eve.

The cap needs some stuffing to make it poofier, and I would add some purple and black striped socks.

And vampire teeth.

(I am going to see The Damned, afterall!)

Maybe I'll be non-tradish like these ladies and boast a cacophony of hues. Who knows. There's plenty of time.

I'll stick Russ in a woolen striped union suit and a boater. We'll wax his mustache and part his hair in the middle. He doesn't believe me, but it will look awesome.

I just finished Rosalind Russell's autobiography, "Life is a Banquet" and it was fantastic. Really, really good. Filled with day to day happenings and very little "look at me" hoopla. The introduction was written by her husband shortly after her death, and it made me cry.

After finishing the book I read it again, and it damn near broke me.

I have always liked her----ever since my mom brought home "The Trouble With Angels" and "Auntie Mame" when I was sick in bed with the flu at a tender young age. She said, "Watch these! They will make you feel better!" And they did. :)

I still find her very inspiring---such great comic timing and sass.

Anywhoo....now I am reading Alison Weirs, "Eleanor of Aquitaine" which is kind of a snoozer compared to the life of Roz...but I am still reading the begats, so it will surely improve.

I've been lazily working on the same flannel shirt for about a week. It's olive green, which is good. I would like to pull my thumb out today and finish the darned thing. In the wintertime I prefer to wear nothing but flannel shirts and jeans...it's a good thing I live in Seattle. This pattern looks like it might be a tried and true. If it is, I'm gonna bust out about six of them. I may have to put some darts up the front, but I don't know yet.

It's Simplicity 3260.

Every single pattern piece, the envelope and the instruction sheet (both sides) have "Deanne Frederick" scribbled in pencil, along with address stickers. (?) Perhaps she lent it out alot? Whatever the reason, it made me giggle.....and I decided Deanne Frederick was OCD.

So yes...back to the sewing room for me.

I am so glad it's September 1st.

Our maple leaf is turning magenta again.

And soon it will be misty and crisp.

And the porch will be covered in spiderwebs, glistening with morning dew.

I am so excited.

P.S. My hair is fixed....but it is short. Shorter then it has been in ages. But it feathers well...which was crucial last Saturday.
My buddy had her 37th birthday party at the roller rink--and it was disco night.


Anna said...

Maybe Deanne made the shirt in sewing class? I had to make a shirt with a collar in 9th grade when I took sewing in school and everything I took in for my sewing basket had to have my name on it. I still own the scissors that my Dad engraved our surname onto the side of the blade!

Miss Amelina said...

Ooohhh...I never thought of that! I had to do that too! :) And my dad engraved EVERYTHING. He'd use his SSN as a serial number (like our TV and stuff).

But I am guessing not...the labels say, "Mrs. E.G. Frederick" and then it is scribbled in her handwriting underneath.

Packrat said...

Teacher, maybe? Anyway, classic style. Definitely fall day today. Costumes are way cool. Be sure to show finished product. :)