Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Apron Strings and Other Things

I finished Butterick 6567 yesterday.
The fabric has little doggies all over it.

I originally purchased the fabric to make a shirt--but was afraid it might look a little homely--so an apron seemed the obvious compromise.
Cuz it's okay, and even encouraged, to look homely in an apron.
(Or a "Pinny" as my english hubby calls it....he says lots of cute things, like "Ice Lollies" and "Toothie Pegs")

The waistband on this pattern was a bitch.
I don't know who approved the illustration, but it was confusing as all get out.
I checked out the pattern review website and was relieved to see others had struggled with it as well, and it was not just my own limited mental capacity.

I think it is really cute, but I was pretty aggravated for a good hour or so while trying to figure it out.
There are a few little aprons in this pattern so I think I'll make a couple of the smaller ones for Xmas gifts and the like.
And a few for myself too!

P.S. Saw Depeche Mode again last week, and they were splendiferous.
The Damned are playing in Seattle for go onsale tomorrow.
Life is good.
Except for my hair.
Which still sucks.


Bettie Booh said...

Oh, love it! I think I have the same pattern lying around, I might just try it out now. =)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the fabric! Aren't aprons fun? Yours is just darling!

Packrat said...

Such a retro look even tho the fabric has doggies on it. The doggies are so cute who cares! :)

I think I have this pattern, also. Thanks for the heads up on the waistband issue.

nancy said...

I LOVE that fabric! Absolutely adorable. I can picture you wearing it, with your hair pulled back in a "Rosie the Riveter" kerchief, bathing a small doggie in a large old-style kitchen sink... wearing perfect red lipstick that matches the trim on the apron, of course!

Anonymous said...

why is that aprons always look simple, but then turn out to be such a nightmare?
Great job.

Serendipity Handmade said...

I LOVE your apron! Where did you get the doggie fabric? It is too cute!

Marie-Noëlle said...

I made the same apron for a swap
If you want to have look here

Marie-Noëlle said...

Sorry, for omitting to say how much I like your version of this apron in my previous comment

Miss Amelina said...

Haha! No worries!:) Your apron is soooo darling--I love it. And thank you ladies for your kind words. I am making a couple more for birthday presents!

Miss Amelina said...

Oh! i got the doggie fabric at Joann's.

nancy said...

Gosh, my Joann's didn't have this...(pout)...guess I'll have to check their website!

nancy said...

p.s. And I can commiserate on the hair thing. Mine sucks too. A combination of growing it out + the changes in texture brought on by hormonal flux...ugh.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I also like everything vintage, your vintage apron looks great. I wear a similar apron over my maids' uniform. Small check pink gingham with white trim. No lovely doggy patters for my aprons. :(