Friday, June 18, 2010


I want these shoes.

I also need them in brown.

And coffee and cream.

And red.

But brown would probably be best, so they would go with almost everything, and I could wear them all the time.


How does two months pass so quickly??

I did a play, it was fun, I feel better.
But now it's time to sew!

Today I am making a t-shirt from my original SWAP plan and cutting out a 30's dress in this fabric:

So mote it be.
I also have some great plans in the works for my 4th of July dress.

The dress on the right.

And that's the fabric I am thinking of using.

With white revers and navy ric-rac....with a red bow.

Or maybe red ric-rac and a navy bow.

Or maybe navy revers with white ric-rac!

I just don't know!!

(Or maybe a NAVY dress with that fabric as the revers and trim. DRAT. Too many choices!)


The temptation to use that fabric to sew up a flouncy 70's dress is overwhelming.

We shall see.

Edit: I LIED.

I may have to use THIS pattern instead:


Naomi said...

I love your fabric!
Are those the Muffie's saddles? If so I have been wanting them in the cream and brown for a while now too. They are wonderful!

Miss Amelina said...

They are indeed Muffy's. I've wanted a pair for a couple years now and life keeps getting in the way. :) Time to prioritize! :)

Packrat said...

You are alive! Love the dress and the fabrics.

The saddle shoes scare me, although I think it would be good for all school kids to have to wear them. (Kids, don't shoot me.) I had to wear them clear through the eighth grade (during the time other girls were wearing go-go boots and later "pilgrim" shoes) and sometimes after that. I really hated having to wear old-fashioned shoes.

JeskaD said...

That is SO fun!
Would love to see you post it to the wikia page gallery when you're done!

- Jeska (from Wikia!)

jess said...

The saddle shoes are soo cute. I like your fabrics.