Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Comfort Time!

It's been raining for 2 or 3 days now, the temperatures have dropped, the leaves are beginning to turn (what??) and it was time for some comfort. Comfort FOOD that is.......when it is misty and raining and there is a chill in the air......

Life is hard. And food tastes good. Especially the ooey gooey dripping-with-love-goodness that is Mom's Mac and Cheese. (Displayed here with the loverly quilted oven mitts she made me...with chicken fabric.)

And as long as the whole pan is not consumed in one sitting by just one or two people, there is no real harm done. There is too much love in this savory pudding to bring anything but joy.

The photo was taken with my camera phone, so it does not reveal the magic within the pie. But it was there. Still is. We only ate half.

As a side note...I purchased two more late 60's patterns off ebay (which puts me at my limit for the week, I believe...if there is such a thing) and neither of them are on the pattern wiki! How exciting. I will post pickies when I receive them, as the ebay photos are not very clear.

Enjoy the rainy day!
(In need of a mac and cheese recipe? Any 50's cookbook will set you up nicely)

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