Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sew Exciting!!

I guess I should introduce myself officially!

I have always adored arts and crafts, but until recently, always seemed to find a flimsy excuse to keep me from doing them. Why? I am not sure. Procrastination. Fear of Failure. A prefectionista? Or was it just because I was terribly hungover? Hmmm...

Anywhoo.....A creative fire has been set beneath mine butt. And I intend to keep it burning and feed off the magic embers! Muahahhaha!

My momma was a big time crafter in the 70's---she always had a booth at the local Ren Faires and Arts 'n Craft shows, selling her wares. She did macrame and pottery, and then progressed to stuffed animals and dolls. I *loved* falling alseep to the hum of her sewing machine....and the occasional expletive as her needle broke. :)

So I guess it is a genetic thing....along with the procrastination. I am hoping to overcome the latter as the act of creation brings me fulfillment and joy.

I began sewing as a child on my little stich-n-sew battery operated machine. My mom taught me a few basics and I picked up more as a girl scout. When I was 14 I attended a sewing class at the local fabric store. I made a skirt and serged up a couple of shirts.

After that, I dabbled here and there but never got super serious about it. My creative outburts were far and few between, so I would make a dress or a quilt once in a blue moon.

I went back to college to get my theatre degree when I was 28. During that time we were required to take a costuming lab where we spent about 9 hours a week sewing up the costumes, either starting from scratch or adjusting whatever was already in the costume shoppe closet. I learned a myriad of handsewing stitches and my teacher taught me how "the seam ripper is your pal!"

After graduation my mother gave me her old Bernina (Yippie!!) and I now have my own sewing space at home in the mountains of Washington. I live with my hubster and our two fur children.

Vintage dress patterns are my addiction.
And I am off to sew one right now!

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